Two Year Fixed-Rate ISA

Save for the future with our Two Year Fixed-Rate ISA.

Cash ISAs are one of the most popular options for tax-free savings. If you’re able to invest your money for two years and want to benefit from a higher interest rate than a shorter notice account, this ISA is for you.


If you are opening a new ISA and also want to transfer an ISA to Kingdom Bank, please complete section 5 of the ISA application form, with the required details. You can do a full or partial transfer from your existing ISA. If you have more than one ISA to transfer to Kingdom Bank, then print out and complete an ISA transfer form for each additional ISA being transferred. On receipt of the completed form(s) we will contact your ISA provider to arrange the transfer and will let you know when it is completed.


The interest rate is fixed and the current available rate is 2.90% Gross/AER. Interest is paid on the anniversary and at maturity.

No, this account pays a fixed rate of interest. The product rates for new accounts may change from time to time, but your fixed rate will remain until the maturity of the product.

If you deposit £2,000 when you open the account, the balance after 12 months will be £2,058.00

You must be 18 or over, a resident in the UK for tax purposes and have a National Insurance number.

This account must be opened in a sole name with a minimum deposit of £2,000.

Once a fully completed application form is received in the post and the necessary checks have been carried out by our team, we will be delighted to open your account with us.

If you change your mind, you can advise us in writing and we will cancel the account free of charge within 14 days of opening.

You can transfer an existing ISA you have with Kingdom Bank to a Two Year Fixed-Rate ISA by sending a signed letter of authority stating that you wish to do this.  If transferring in from an ISA with another bank, please complete this ISA transfer form and send it to us.

Deposits can be added at any time by online banking, standing order or post.

Information can be requested via online banking or over the phone. If you would like to make a withdrawal upon maturity, this can be arranged via online banking, over the phone or by post.

To register for internet banking, click here and select the ‘Register’ button.

As with all ISAs, there are some rules which apply:

  • You may not deposit more than the maximum allowed in any tax year, the current limit for the 2024/2025 tax year is £20,000.

It is not possible to withdraw funds during the term of the deposit. After 24 months, we will contact you to explain your options and explore your next steps.

Any money you move to an account that is not an ISA will lose its tax-free status.

All withdrawals must be made to an account in the same name.

No charges apply to this account (except for those referred to in our terms and conditions, where we permit early withdrawal at our discretion with charges on transfer before notice period served).

‘‍Tax-free’ means you will not pay income tax on your interest.

‘AER’ stands for Annual Equivalent Rate. Whenever you see an advert for a savings account which shows an interest rate, you will see the AER. This means you can use the AER to compare accounts. It shows what the interest rate would be if your interest was paid and compounded once each year.

You can also call us on 0115 921 7260 to begin setting up your account.