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simple steps.

When you save with Kingdom Bank, your money is put to work, helping to provide mortgages for Christian ministries across the country. 

Start saving in three simple steps.

1. Choose your account

Choose which account you’d like by exploring our products below.

2. Fill in a form

Submit an enquiry form on the account page, or open your account by registering online.

3. Expect a call

Expect a call from one of our friendly account managers who can answer any questions.

Discover our savings products

Click on the savings links below to explore the different ways you can save with Kingdom Bank.

Savings Accounts

Accounts that put your money to work to help build God’s Kingdom.

Cash ISAs

Enjoy tax-free savings with a higher interest rate whilst you help churches grow.

Savings Bonds

Savings bonds with a range of fixed terms, helping you build for the future whilst you build for the kingdom.

Why save with Kingdom Bank?

You grow, they grow.

With us, you can use your money to support Kingdom work without making a donation or giving it away. Secure with us, your savings will continue to grow as they’re used to help churches grow, until you need to access them again.

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