Comparison of Accounts for Churches & Charities

Looking to open a deposit account but not sure which one is right for you?

Our comparison table helps you see the features of our accounts at a glance to find one that suits your needs.

Account Interest rate Minimum balance Withdrawal notice period Good to know
Gospel Partner Account 1.50% Gross/AER £1 32 days You'll receive interest at a slightly lower rate than similar notice accounts, enabling us to provide more support to churches across the UK.
No Notice Account 1.00% Gross/AER £1 None Maximum of two withdrawals per calendar month.
Church & Charity Flexible Reserve Account 2.25% Gross/AER £1 One withdrawal of up to £10,000 is permitted without notice in a rolling 90-day period. Any additional withdrawals or withdrawals for more than £10,000 require 90 days’ notice.
Church & Charity Higher Rate Reserve Account 3.25% Gross/AER £1 All withdrawals require 90 days notice.
Organisation Savings Bonds 2.55-3.25% Gross/AER £2,000 6, 12, 24 or 36 months (fixed-term bonds) *See table below
*Organisation Savings Bonds – Good to know
Bond duration Interest (Gross/AER) on deposits under £50,000 Interest (Gross/AER) on deposits over £50,000
6 months 3.20% 3.25%
12 months 3.05% 3.10%
24 months 2.55% 2.60%
36 months 2.55% 2.60%

You can also call us on 0115 921 7260 to begin setting up your account.