Notice Account

Notice accounts are ideal for those that can plan ahead for when they need access to their money.

Church and Charity Reserve Account (1.25% Gross/AER)

Interest rates viewable here.

  • Accounts available to registered churches and charities only (hereafter referred to as charities).
  • Minimum balance £20,000 to attain the specified interest rate, balances below £20,000 will revert to the prevailing Call Direct interest rate detailed within the Bank’s organisation’s interest rate information.
  • Interest is payable from the date of receipt of all deposits, calculated daily and paid annually.
  • Deposits by post, standing order or your own internet banking.
  • Withdrawals by telephone banking with funds transferred to a nominated Bank account or written instructions by post. In all instances withdrawals will only be made to another account in the charities name. You may also request cheque withdrawals payable to the same charities name.
  • One withdrawal of up to £10,000 is permitted without notice in a rolling 90 day period. Any additional withdrawals or withdrawals for more than £10,000 require 90 days’ notice.

How to Apply

Thank you Kingdom Bank for your support and encouragement in mission work in the UK.

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