9 insurance considerations when planning a church event

Our Head of Insurance, Barry Walker, offers his advice to ensure your church's event has the cover it needs.
It’s summer, which means it’s the season of church fun days, barbecues and holiday clubs!

We recommend considering the following factors when planning an event:

  1. Contact your insurance provider

You should contact your insurance provider and outline details of any activities that could be classed as safety-critical or hazardous. They will advise whether your liability cover will extend accordingly. You may not need to arrange a separate event policy.

2. Seek the necessary permissions

If the event is located on any land that is owned by the Local Authority, permission will be needed. If it necessitates a road closure, you should contact the authorities and allow at least 12 weeks’ notice.

3. Risk assessments

Complete a detailed written risk assessment. This will identify any hazards and safety issues whilst setting out how you can manage the risks.

4. Safeguarding

You should ensure your safeguarding policy is up-to-date, relevant for the event activities and strictly adhered to.

5. Insurance for third-party suppliers

If you are using any third-party organisers such as a caterer or inflatables company, ensure they have adequate insurance cover and agree responsibilities between you. This will ensure that each party knows who is responsible for what.

6. Check caterers’ credentials

If you are using any professional caterers at the event, check they are registered under the Food Safety Act and with their Local Authority Environmental Health Department. You should also check they are health and safety compliant.

7. Alcohol licencing

If you are planning on selling alcohol at your event, you must organise a licence for this.

8. Evacuation procedures

You should have an evacuation procedure in the event of a fire occurring, even if the event is outside. If you expect a large number of attendees, you should inform the police and fire brigade in advance.

  1. Event supervision

It’s important to ensure the event is fully supervised, helping to keep attendees safe. Having marshals at areas such as the car park, entrance and each activity can help with this.

If you are planning an event and would like to discuss your specific requirements, we would be delighted to chat to you. Get in touch with our friendly insurance team today on 0115 921 7270 or via the ‘Get in touch’ form here.

For more government guidance on events, visit http://www.hse.gov.uk/event-safety/index.htm.

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