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May 21, 2019

We’d love to hear what you think

This Spring we have been undertaking some research with our customers. It is so important to us that we listen to you. We want you to be confident that you are dealing with a bank where fair treatment is central; where we meet your needs and give you clear information and advice. We also want you to know the difference you are making to others by banking with us.

Here are some of the comments we have received so far which have been encouraging:

  • “They had a really good grasp of our ethos, why we are doing what we are doing. They turned it around really quickly. Once they came to see us, they were really on the same page as us”
  • “There was something about Kingdom Bank and the way they did things that made it an easy choice for us. It was rigorous without being burdensome. The process just seemed a lot less bureaucratic and far more relational”

• “We wanted somebody to understand that in faith we sometimes step out

- we wouldn’t do something reckless

-but we step out with an element of believing this is what God is calling us to do, therefore, we believe He will honour that.”

• “The conversation just progressed much quicker with Kingdom Bank. Their service was absolutely excellent. It was almost like we had a business relationship before we got anywhere.”

• “I spoke to one person throughout the process. I feel like this person knows us really well. She knows our situation. She understands my work, my wife’s work, our income, what we are looking for. It makes it very friendly and approachable. What we are looking for is understood”

• “They know who you are when
you phone up. They are genuinely interested in our project. We’re not just a customer that makes them money. It’s a completely different ethos from what you would expect from a commercial lender. They are literally in the Kingdom business!”

The research has also given us areas to work on, which is another reason we are very grateful for honest feedback.

Have your say too! There are surveys for you to fill in at and

They will take approximately 10 minutes, and are completely anonymous. It will help us to help you. 

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