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March 26, 2020

The savings officer was very helpful and thoughtful

Lisa Lodwick explains how Kingdom Bank helped her set up an ethical savings account on her mother’s behalf

How did you come to get in touch with Kingdom Bank – and what service were you looking for from them?

“I got in touch with Kingdom Bank recently because I wanted to put money into a savings. account on behalf of my mother. Sadly she has dementia, and is no longer able to look after her own finances. I wanted to invest her money in an ethical account, where it will do some good while also being safe and giving her a decent return."

“I've had an ISA myself with Kingdom Bank for about 10 years – my recollection is that I saw an advert for the bank in Christianity magazine, and liked what I read about it online. I've also found it very interesting to read the stories about their work in the regular newsletter.”
How have they helped deliver what you were looking for, and what has particularly impressed you about their support and service?

“They were able to open a savings account on my mother's behalf with me having Power of Attorney, but it took quite a long time to sort out because my mum has been in a care home for a while now, so the usual identification documents were not available. However, the savings officer was very helpful and thoughtful, and after a few telephone calls and e-mails, between both of us and also the care home, we eventually managed to get together a combination of appropriate documents and so they were able to open the account.”

Are there particular ways you have seen God at work in your situation?

“I must admit that it is quite hard sometimes to see God at work in my mum's situation – dementia can be a horrible illness, and it is very sad to see the way it affects people. However, where I have seen glimpses of God is in the love, kindness and sensitivity shown by carers and health professionals, and most recently by the staff at this bank. And by being able to invest my mum's money in the work of Kingdom Bank, I trust it is at least being put to good use.”
What would you recommend to others in choosing Kingdom Bank?

“They were always polite and friendly and put a lot of effort into sorting things out for my mum's complicated situation. I especially appreciated being able to phone up easily and talk to the same person each time – a welcome change from other banks!”

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