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March 26, 2020

Staff understand the way the church works

Mark Himsworth, treasurer of Sherwood Forest Community Church tell us about his long-term relationship with the bank.

“As a church we have used Kingdom Bank for a number of different services over the years."

"Our initial contact was when the church was rebuilt in the mid 90s. At that time when we needed the numbers Kingdom Bank (or AOG Property Trust as it was then) gave us fantastic support. The funds were there when we needed them and then going forward there was the flexibility to overpay, make lump sum reductions and eventually pay off the mortgage early, all with no penalty."

“We now have a wonderful building that is a blessing to us and our local community. Ever since, we have used Kingdom Bank to insure the building and provide us with essential indemnity insurance for the charity shop we have operated for many years. As funds were released after repaying our mortgage, we have been able to use Kingdom Bank to save – our way of paying back and enabling others to receive the same blessing we did – and at the same time receiving competitive rates of interest."

“The service we have received has always of the top order. I have found staff to be approachable and helpful – they understand the way church works and therefore no obstacles are put in the way of sorting matters out.”

Are there particular ways you have seen God at work in your situation?

“God has worked over the years using the vehicle of Kingdom Bank to enable his work to be done. He really can make a way where there seems to be no way. At the time of building the church it was difficult to see how we could raise the necessary funds as we had no millionaires in the church, but the funds were always there when we needed them.”

“At that time, as church, we quickly learned that you could not out-give God. We committed then to always give away a minimum of 10% of the church income we received; aiming to increase this to 20%, which was achieved, and more. We have some wonderful, generous. people in our church at Blidworth, but we know above all our God loves to bless his people abundantly.”

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