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September 24, 2019

Pastor Joy on St Michael’s Community Church, Stoke-on- Trent

“In 2013, we began praying for God to provide better church premises for us. We had a building that was increasingly challenging with damp, and steep stairs leading to the hall. Renovating the sanctuary was going to be expensive.”

“A building came on the market in 2018, and as soon as I walked in to view it, I felt ‘This is it’ – it really felt like a gift from God. The trustees and members of our small congregation agreed to put in an offer, and despite strong competition, God gave us favour.”

“However, high street banks considered us too great a risk when we tried to raise a mortgage, and when we heard about Kingdom Bank, it was our last resort.

We were told the Bank was governed by Christian principles and had helped other churches, so we prayed this would be what we needed.”

“At first, the Bank’s criteria was not met because of the funding situation and the likely risks but the banking staff at all levels supported the trustees. They made suggestions which our trustees took on board and eventually the requirements were satisfied and a mortgage was approved. We were impressed with the support received and the client-friendly and professional attitude of the banking staff.”

“God has certainly been at work in the development and financing of the

building. As well as pledges and monthly contributions, we have been encouraged by the praying people around us who have believed by faith that we would own the new church premises. The purchaser for our existing building decided to offer £15,000 above the asking price. That was divine intervention. It has certainly been a faith journey for the Trustees!”

“Kingdom Bank is different because staff take time to listen to client’s right from the early stages of enquiry, and we have experienced a high degree of care at every stage.”

“We are thankful to God for Kingdom Bank and would certainly recommend them to other churches.”

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