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September 24, 2019

Mortgage challenges returning from Japan

“My wife and I have three children, two of primary age and one at high school,” explains Tim. “We had spent eight years in Hokkaido in northern Japan with OMF, working with Japanese church leaders in church planting.”

“We tried unsuccessfully to get a mortgage a number of years ago from a well known high street bank, but were let down. We wanted to try to buy a house when we came to Manchester to take up a new ministry there – rental prices in the areas we were looking at were steadily getting higher and it made sense to us for the longer term to try to buy if we possibly could.”

“We chose Kingdom Bank after hearing about them from someone in OMF. We looked at different lenders but Kingdom Bank had a better appreciation of our situation as missionaries receiving support without a regular salary, and this was really important for us. Their website was helpful in explaining their approach to lending, which resonated with us too.”

“Agreeing a mortgage that was suitable for us, we were impressed by Kingdom Bank’s faith-informed approach to finances and lending, and felt we were in safe hands. The staff at Kingdom Bank was always friendly and professional and ready to help – it made a real difference to know they appreciated our situation.

And things are now taking off in the Walkers’ new ministry with OMF in Manchester.

“We’ve already seen the Lord give us many new and exciting connections with Japanese people, churches and Christians locally. A significant part of what we do will involve hospitality in our home, so it makes a big difference knowing we have a permanent place to offer that.”

Tim concludes: “I think what makes Kingdom Bank different is their faith perspective on lending and borrowing. I don’t know of anywhere else that operates in the same way. Other banks may be able to offer cheaper mortgages – but for us it’s more important to have a shared Christian understanding and goal.”

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