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June 18, 2019

Kingdom Summit conference

We were very pleased to be invited to join Christ United Pentecostal Ministries in Northampton for their Kingdom Summit Conference on 31 May 2019. This was a three day event and we joined the Summit on the Friday and were greatly encouraged by the ministry. We presented to the conference in a three part series on the importance of being good stewards and saving – the ministry was in accordance with various scriptures in God’s word.

It was a great privilege to share who we are, our mission and our values. We were graciously received and had an opportunity to bring a practical conclusion to the teaching by explaining the Bank’s savings, insurance and mortgage products to the churches and members in attendance.

We would love the opportunity to share our mission and our work with you at your conference. Please call Richard Dearden on 0115 921 7250 for further information.

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