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February 19, 2017

Kingdom Bank ISA

As a Kingdom Bank customer you will find a bank that offers you choice, flexibility and a financial return. You also have the knowledge that your savings are being used in a very worthwhile way, changing lives and communities.

Kingdom Bank’s choice of ISAs

  • 1 year fixed interest rate ISA
  • Base rate tracker ISA that follows the Bank of England base rate.
  • Step up ISA - guaranteed never to fall below the Bank of England Base Rate.

Transfer your existing ISAs to Kingdom Bank

If you have existing ISAs, you can also transfer these to a Kingdom Bank ISA, and so increase the impact of our mission.

Full details of all our ISAs and other savings products, including our interest rates, are on our website

Alternatively you can find out more by calling us and speaking to one of our friendly savings team on 0115 921 7260.

Good for growing God’s Kingdom

Kingdom Bank’s mission is supported through the careful use of the money that is entrusted to us by our savers. We use saving’s deposits to:

  • Support Churches to develop, build or buy their premises. In recent years this has increasingly been to help Churches to provide wider services in their community. We also assist Charities to develop their buildings for the benefit of local communities and to support social return projects.
  • Help organisations or individuals to buy properties that are used to support the vulnerable and needy.
  • Provide mortgages for Ministers, Church Workers and Missionaries so that they have somewhere to live, whether now or later in their lives.

You can see some examples of this in the short film on our website at

We will also keep our savers updated with stories of how their money is being used.

In all of these our aim is to change lives for good, and to grow God’s Kingdom.

With your help we can.

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