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March 26, 2020

Kingdom Bank came in and really exceeded our expectations

Pastor Clement Okusi, Eternity Church, Croydon

How did you come to get in touch with Kingdom Bank – and what service were you looking for from them?

“We knew of Kingdom Bank several years previously, having heard about them recommended on the Christian grapevine. We knew they were a Christian bank and growing. When we got in touch with the organisation we were looking to re-mortgage our current church building.”

How have they helped deliver what you were looking for, and what has particularly impressed you about their support and service?

“At the time we had recently transitioned from a network that we were relationally connected with. We were experiencing some financial challenges and needed to get our ministry on a secure financial footing."

"Kingdom Bank came in and really exceeded our expectations. Firstly they were very supportive pastorally about our ministry journey. Secondly they were very accommodating in the amount of monies we needed, to the point of letting us know more funds were available if we needed them.”

Are there particular ways you have seen God at work in your situation?

“Yes - many! When you go through a trial, it is a great opportunity to have both your theology and faith tested. These challenges, if handled well can strengthen your character and deepen your Christian spirituality."

“Securing the funds for our property re-mortgage allowed us to devote more thought and strategic energy into fulfilling our mission of Reaching People, Raising Disciples & Releasing Ministry (Save, Serve & Send)."

"This would not have been possible without the help of Kingdom Bank.”

What would you recommend to others in choosing Kingdom Bank?

“From experience we would highly recommend Kingdom Bank as a friendly and supportive organisation.”

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