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September 27, 2019

Interview with CEO Chris Sheldon

Interview with Chris Sheldon, CEO

Chris, now that there is a new owner of Kingdom Bank what are your feelings about this?

My immediate feeling is one of tremendous excitement. I am very grateful to Assemblies of God Property Trust for its vision and support of Kingdom Bank over the years, but I do feel that with the backing of the new owner we will be able to do more going forward and become a more effective steward of money and a witness to others.

What immediate changes will we see?

Not a lot! We are going to be in the same place and with the same staff. All the good things about Kingdom Bank are going to remain. I think that the most important thing at the outset is that we will have new owners who are totally committed to Church growth.

How are you looking to develop the bank from here?

The starting point is planning, to ensure that we meet the needs and aspirations of all our stakeholders – whether clients, staff, suppliers or our shareholder. We anticipate that in time we will enhance the products and services we provide but only when we are sure these are right for customers.

Will the two organisations be merging?

No we will remain separate both with our own specialisms. The Bank is a regulated financial institution offering savings accounts, regulated and commercial mortgages and providing insurance broking services. Stewardship specialise in giving services and philanthropy. There is very little cross over of services and we will work to ensure that customers get the best we can offer as part of the same family.

What if we have any questions?

Please get in touch, our contact details are below or you can email me directly at

Chris, thank you very much.

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