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May 1, 2019

Complete trust makes the journey easier

Andy Dilnot, New Horizons Church

Somewhere you can trust

Kingdom Bank and New Horizon Church in Langley Mill, Derbyshire go back a long way. The predecessor of New Horizon was one of the founding churches that helped the Bank get started back in 1954. So when senior pastor Andy Dilnot needed somewhere trustworthy to save money while they raised funds for a new building, he came straight to Kingdom Bank.

The personal touch

In 2012, when Andy first launched the project to move his growing congregation to a new location, he was pleased to find Kingdom Bank experts on hand to talk the church’s leadership through all the different options. After hearing about the possibilities, New Horizon decided to pursue leasing a site rather than buying, but they knew that Kingdom Bank could look after all the money which was given towards refitting the site. “Having someone to help talk us through the process with expertise... that whole headache was taken away,” Andy enthused. This personal touch and years of relationship helped the church make rapid progress in their complicated new building project. “When there is high trust, progress is fast. And we like working with a company with a Christian ethos.” Best of all, Andy knows that every penny of the church’s money that is saved with Kingdom Bank is being used to help other churches across the country access finance.

Getting on with the job

“As money matters seem to get more and more complicated and pastor’s lives become busier, being able to offload responsibility for savings to a bank you can trust makes all the difference,” Andy said. Earlier this year, New Horizon were finally able to move into their new home and are already seeing the benefits - 36 people came to a recent newcomers’ meal.

Saving with Kingdom Bank during their seven-year project just made sense, he concluded: “Sometimes there is more to life than rates; it’s about having complete trust in the organisation. It makes the journey that much easier.”

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