Mortgages for Individuals.

How much can I borrow?

We use the following sliding scale:

Property Value

Up to £300,000
£300,000 - £500,000
Over £500,000

Maximum Loan


The most important factor is the ability to afford repayments. We would like to talk to you so that we can share your aims and vision, and see what we can do to help you.

So, please call us and speak to one of our mortgage team on: 0115 921 7280

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Important Note

Before applying we would ask you to read and familiarise yourself with the following documents:

General terms and conditions

Your guide to customer complaints

Mortgage Interest Rates for Individuals

How to Apply

Talk to us

Contact us by telephone or email and we will go through some initial questions with you to gather basic information about your circumstances and the property. This will give us an idea as to whether we may be able to help you in your project.

Application & Decision

If we can help and you are ready to apply we will send to you an application form and other documents for completion.

Once we receive the required information from you we will check the documents provided, complete the necessary paperwork and take your application forward for approval. Contact will be made with you should any documentation be missing or if any further information is required.

Valuation and Offer

Once a mortgage is approved, the property which is to be given as security will need to be valued by an Independent Surveyor. We will obtain quotes for the valuation fee and provide you with these so you can select which firm you would like to go ahead with. We will then instruct the valuation.

Once we receive the Surveyor’s valuation report, if everything is acceptable, we will make a mortgage offer to you.


Once you have accepted our mortgage offer, the paperwork and legal matters must be dealt with. We will instruct our Solicitors to act in setting up the mortgage. They will liaise with your Solicitors to put arrangements in place. It can take four to eight weeks for this to be finalised so make sure you leave plenty of time when making your application.

Once the mortgage legal charge and all matters are dealt with, we will release the mortgage advance upon receipt of our Solicitor’s request for funds.

We were delighted with the speedy and efficient response to our request for a mortgage. Time was an issue and everything was done to ensure that there were no delays.

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