Meet the Team – Jackie

In the latest post in our 'Meet the Team' series we spoke with Jackie, one of our Personal Mortgage Advisors.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what brought you to Kingdom Bank.

My name is Jackie, and I’m the personal mortgage advisor here at Kingdom Bank. I’m Nottingham born and bred, and now married with six children.  

Having worked in wider mortgage and financial services for the majority of my career, I took a break in 2014 to have my second child. I hadn’t planned on returning to this kind of work, but in 2019 I saw an advert for a Christian mortgage advisor. I found this such an interesting, somewhat niche role that I thought I had to apply. And here we are! 

What is your role at Kingdom Bank and what does a typical day looks like for you?

As a personal mortgage advisor, my day is spent talking to people who work in Christian ministry and are looking for a mortgage, usually in order to purchase a house. My job is office based, so most of my time is spent at my desk chatting with potential customers, advising them of the different options that they have.  

I look after the life of a personal mortgage, from initial enquiry through to picking up the keys. It’s an incredibly rewarding job, knowing that I’m helping people who are growing God’s kingdom.

How did you become a Christian, and how do you find this impacts your work?

I became a Christian as an adult through the Salvation Army. I now serve in an Anglican church and find that my heart for mission and helping others is a key part of my faith. This is beneficial to my role at the Bank, as I get to hear all of the amazing stories of how others are serving God’s people. This really encourages me to do more!  

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Knowing that I am helping missionaries and ministers who have given their lives to serve God is great. I love that I can play a part in helping them have financial security for their future 

Where would we be likely to find you when you’re not at work?

You would usually either find me at home with my family, at one of the various outreach projects I run, or on a rugby pitch supporting my children.  

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