Knighton Free Church, Leicester

We spoke to Andy Upton, Pastor of Knighton Free Church in Leicester, about their decision to open a church deposit account with Kingdom Bank.

What is Church life like at Knighton Free Church?

Life is probably not too different from many other churches: we gather together on a Sunday to worship and delight in the Lord, and to build up and encourage one another. Our church family is made up of a diversity of ages and more recently of different cultures and races.

Currently, our Sunday evening services are being held on a farm which belongs to one of our Church leaders, which I think is slightly more unusual, but has provided a different environment for us to worship in together. We have found this particularly useful for those people who would not feel comfortable stepping into a church building, and it gives them the opportunity to engage with the claims of the Bible in a new setting.

Youth work is important to us as a church, and we have midweek groups and summer camps for all ages. We have always found that global mission has been a precious opportunity for us both locally and in different countries, and is something we regularly meet to pray for.

How did you hear about Kingdom Bank?

Our church treasurer, Jane, spoke to someone from another FIEC church in Nottingham, and he mentioned the good experience they have had with Kingdom Bank. Jane did not know much about the Bank but found the idea of a Christian bank interesting, so she went home, googled it, and found out more.

Why did you decide to open a Kingdom Bank savings account, and what were some considerations?

Due to charity regulations, we are required to keep some money to hand, but as we had no plans to use it immediately we wanted the opportunity to help other people and invest the money ethically. Kingdom Bank is a great way to do that.

We were also struggling with our bank at that time and have found Kingdom Bank to be refreshingly different.

How have you found banking with Kingdom Bank so far?

It was very easy to open and run our account, and throughout the process we have found the good communication that Kingdom Bank offers incredibly valuable. We were able to speak to someone on the phone, ask our questions and get help whenever we needed it. In fact, it is so good that some of us are considering opening personal accounts!

At Kingdom Bank, we offer churches and charities a range of deposit accounts designed to suit a variety of needs. When you entrust your organisation’s money to us, you can be confident that it is being put to work in growing God’s Kingdom across the UK. Click here to find out more.

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