Give your money
a mission.

By saving with Kingdom Bank, you can see your money do more for the gospel – without giving it away!

Give your money a mission.

By saving with Kingdom Bank, you can see your money do more for the gospel – without giving it away!

Put your money where your heart is.

For over 65 years, we’ve been helping Christians change the way they use their money. When you open an account with us, we keep your money safe as it supports Christian ministries, projects and churches across the UK – ready to access whenever you need it!

How does it work?

Give your money a mission.

Rethink how you save.

Most Christians, churches and charities deposit their money with high street banks, without realising that their money could be put to work for so much more.

Put your money to work.

Kingdom Bank helps you activate your savings by putting them to work for the Kingdom. When you deposit with us, we are able to help churches, ministries and gospel workers throughout the UK with the funds they need to purchase, develop or build property to facilitate their ministry.

You grow, they grow.

With us, you can use your money to support Kingdom work without making a donation or giving it away. Secure with us, your savings will continue to grow as they’re used to help churches grow, until you need to access them again.

See your impact.

Churches resourced, ministry workers supported, and gospel projects financed – when you place your money with us, you get to see the impact of your partnership in a shared gospel mission, with the peace of mind that your money is in safe hands.

Find the right account for you.

Our accounts give you the flexibility to save in a way that works for you, with the ability to manage your money simply and safely through online banking.

For short-term saving

The account that puts your money to work to help build God’s Kingdom.


Encourage children and young people to develop positive saving habits whilst helping churches grow.

An account that gives you tax-free, flexible savings.

For the long-term future

A fixed-rate ISA designed for those able to invest their money for a full year.

Make the most of tax-free savings and a higher interest rate by investing your money for two years.

An account that allows you to save now, earn a higher interest rate and access your savings at a later date.

Ideal for those who will not need access to the funds for 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.

For quick and easy access

A flexible account that gives you instant access to your money, whenever you need it.

We also provide deposit accounts for churches and charities.


Mortgages to help
your ministry grow.

Whether you’re a church looking to borrow funds for a property project, or a ministry worker who wants to buy a home, we’re here to help. Explore our mortgages for churches, charities and individuals.

See your impact

Kingdom Bank customers have the joy of joining in a shared gospel mission. When you sign up to our newsletter, we’ll send you regular stories and updates about how your money is helping churches around the UK plant, build and grow.


Protecting your

property and
your people.

Our Insurance Brokerage Team is here to help you find insurance cover purpose-built for your ministry.