Hugh and Deanne Davies, London

We spoke to Hugh about why he and Deanne decided to open a Kingdom Bank savings account.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

My name is Hugh, and I’m married to Deanne. We’re active members of our local Baptist church, have one grown-up, married daughter and one little granddaughter. We live in Southeast London and have been working here for years, so during this time have been able to accumulate some savings. As we approach retirement, we have been increasingly concerned about how to make the most of our money, in a way which not only benefits us, but also in ways which serve the kingdom.

Why did you decide to become a Kingdom Bank customer?

We were banking with a high street bank but started to see more issues with this approach. Not only were the interest rates disappointing, but the lack of transparency in what our money was being invested in started to be a concern.

We then came across Kingdom Bank, and immediately felt like we could relate to the work you’re doing and agree with your purpose and vision. Kingdom Bank offers us a route to support churches and those in ministry, but we also feel confident that our money is in safe hands. Though we may choose to get a slightly lower interest rate than elsewhere, we can see that our money is being used in a way which is aligned with our Christian values and is being used to support ministries across the UK.

What would you say to anyone considering saving their money with Kingdom Bank?

I would encourage anyone who is able to deposit money with Kingdom Bank to do so, as a secure way of supporting churches and ministry in the UK. As Christians, we often think about the ways we spend our money, with lots of Christians choosing to give sacrificially, but this gives you a way to give your savings purpose alongside your regular giving. It’s a no-brainer!

When you open an account with Kingdom Bank, we’re able to lend to churches, charities and gospel workers so that their ministries can flourish and grow. Click here to compare our individual savings accounts.

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