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How does it work?

Give your money a mission.

Rethink how you save.

Most Christians, churches and charities deposit their money with high street banks, without realising that their money could be put to work for so much more.

Put your money to work.

Kingdom Bank helps you activate your savings by putting them to work for the Kingdom. When you deposit with us, we are able to help churches, ministries and gospel workers throughout the UK with the funds they need to purchase, develop or build property to facilitate their ministry.

You grow, they grow.

With us, you can use your money to support Kingdom work without making a donation or giving it away. Secure with us, your savings will continue to grow as they’re used to help churches grow, until you need to access them again.

See your impact.

Churches resourced, ministry workers supported, and gospel projects financed – when you place your money with us, you get to see the impact of your partnership in a shared gospel mission, with the peace of mind that your money is in safe hands.