Churches don’t always get a good press. There is a perception in the media that churches are in decline. Of course some are, but our experience is that many churches are growing and expanding, which we find very exciting. Growth brings its own challenges, whether it is numerical or in the range of activities that you are involved in.
We are passionate about helping churches to grow, and being part of that growth.
The services that we offer include:


We help churches build, buy or redevelop their buildings. It is a market that we know and understand very well.
We also help churches to buy or redevelop properties that can be used to help the disadvantaged – our social return mortgages.


We offer an extensive range of insurance products for churches. Not just for the church buildings, but also to cover that wide range of activities that churches are now involved in within their communities.


As a church, you may be saving for a major project, or just had a gift day. No matter what you have it makes sense to make the best use of it, and put your money to work. Why not use our Savings Selector Tool to find the right account for your church.
You will also have the reassurance that your savings are being used to help build other churches!
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