Beacon Church, Whitchurch

Beacon Church is a Newfrontiers community of around 70 members from all ages, stages and walks of life. Read all about how a Kingdom Bank mortgage is helping the church to grow.

We caught up with
Ken Holland, one of the church’s Elders, to hear about how the church is putting their Kingdom Bank mortgage to work for the gospel.

How did Beacon Church begin?

Beacon Church was planted back in 2008 out of Barnabas Community Church in Shrewsbury. We started meeting as a mid-week Connect Group before forming a separate Newfrontiers church of around 25 people. Since then, we have grown to roughly 70 members and have, until recently, been meeting in the Whitchurch Civic Centre.

What led you to want to move on from there?

Whilst we were very grateful for the space we were able to use at the Civic Centre, we were not always able to use the same room and couldn’t regularly hire the Centre for mid-week ministries such as youth work. We were able to purchase two vacant retail units right in the centre of the town where we’ll be visible to the community.

Great! How will this new space open up new possibilities for the church?

Having our own building will mean that many of our ministries which were previously prevented from growing by the limited space we had available can now expand. We can welcome more young people along to our youth group, our after school clubs can grow and our community work with vulnerable people in the area can serve more individuals and families, which is brilliant!

How did you hear about Kingdom Bank?

We initially got in touch with your friends at Stewardship who also offer church mortgages for a term of up to 15 years for the amount we needed to borrow. We really needed a longer term than this, so continued researching other options and came across Kingdom Bank. We got in touch and received such a friendly and helpful response that we didn’t feel we needed to look any further!

That’s great to hear! How was your experience of working with us beyond this point?

We found that you made the whole process very straightforward. You clarified exactly what you needed from us at each stage and were friendly and personable throughout. This gave us the confidence to move forward and ultimately agree the mortgage which has enabled us to own this fantastic new space!

If your church is considering a property project, we would love to see if we could help! Please do get in touch to discuss whether a Kingdom Bank mortgage could be right for you.

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