Aldersgate & Moorgate Talks Trust

The Aldersgate & Moorgate Talks Trust is an evangelistic ministry in the heart of the City of London. Find out how a Kingdom Bank mortgage is helping to secure the future of this gospel work.

We caught up with Ian Maclennan, Chairman of the Trust, to hear about the difference a Kingdom Bank residential mortgage will make for the Trust's mission.

Tell us a bit about the work of the Trust.

The Trust exists to support evangelistic, Bible-based talks in the City of London, reaching out to the thousands of people working in the financial district. They’re similar in style to those run by churches such as St Helen’s, Bishopsgate and All Souls, Langham Place and provide a great opportunity for Evangelical Christians to invite friends and colleagues along to hear the gospel during their lunch break. We also offer small group Bible studies throughout the week, so we’re always busy!


Sounds great! What led you to need to purchase a property?

Many of the costs associated with the Trust and the talks go towards housing for the pastor who works full-time delivering talks and discipling both Christians and seekers within the City. Initially, another organisation was able to cover accommodation expenses, but when this support ended we needed to find a way to provide our pastor with somewhere for him and his family to live.


How did you come across Kingdom Bank?

We approached several lenders who typically work with churches and charities, including Kingdom Bank. Some were able to tell us immediately that they wouldn’t be able to help, whilst others progressed initially before concluding that they couldn’t due to internal policies or criteria. Kingdom Bank came up trumps straight away and was able to help, for which we were very grateful!


How did you find working with us?

Andrew, your Head of Lending, was very helpful in talking us through the process and ensuring we knew exactly what was required of us. He kept us informed of progress throughout, as opposed to there being long silences as there sometimes can be with these sorts of processes.

We had quite a tight timeframe and the Bank was able to complete the entire process from application to drawdown in just a few weeks, which was great!


That’s brilliant to hear. What do you think this mortgage and property purchase has enabled for the future of the Trust?

Sharing the gospel with people in Aldersgate, Moorgate and beyond is our passion. To make this a reality, we need a pastor and somewhere for him and his family to be based. Without this, the ministry simply wouldn’t be possible. Having the house that has been bought with the mortgage from Kingdom Bank is brilliant – it secures the future of the talks and enables us to continue to reach out to those in the City of London who need to hear the gospel!


Is your church, charity or Trust interested in purchasing a residential property for a ministry worker? Read more about our housing mortgages or get in touch. We’d be delighted to help!

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